Alpha Paragon the window into your warehouse
Key Benefits
Faster Fulfillment
 > Automation guides associates for rapid order completion
 > Continuous process flow completes more task in less time
Smoother Operation
  > Establishes and enforces operational consistency
  > Guides associates by presenting easy-to-access information
Increased Accuracy
  > Ensures proper stock rotation with Expiration, Manufacture, or Receive dates
  > RF technology adds real time validation to transactions
Enhanced Efficiency
  > System manages picking, putaway, inventory control, and shipping
  > System organizes associated activities to maximize productivity


Run Your Warehouse Faster
And More Accurately With LOCATE-IT PLUS®

LOCATE-IT PLUS® is a feature-rich, easy-to-use Warehouse Management and Execution System. It integrates real time data validation with radio frequency (RF) communications into a robust solution for managing operations that gives you “A window into your warehouse.” Our experienced design and implementation services will leverage the highly configurable feature set of LOCATE-IT PLUS® to meet your specific warehouse environment.

LOCATE-IT PLUS®pushes intelligence out to the warehouse floor to direct associates via easy-to-follow process software that interacts with Motorola (Symbol Technologies®) wireless terminals. Gaining this efficiency and throughput will assist in driving down the cost of distribution.

LOCATE-IT PLUS®can be implemented as a standalone or networked system managing multiple sites. The system weaves together warehouse processes to enable faster put-away, picking, packing, and shipping. Also LOCATE-IT PLUS® can operate interactively you're your ERP, and other business systems on a real-time or near-real-time basis. With LOCATE-IT PLUS® as your engine, you can provide rapid, accurate fulfillment and leaner inventories for greater customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Turn your warehouse functions into the strongest link
in your supply chain with LOCATE-IT PLUS®

For detailed information about specific LOCATE-IT PLUS® features and functionality, visit our LOCATE-IT PLUS Features Page