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ORDER Manager
Key Benefits
Inquire About Orders
 > View status down to level of line item detail
Group Orders
  > Logically group orders based on your facility's rules and operating procedures; e.g., route, carrier, or customer priority
Print Pick Tickets
  > Create paper or electronic summaries and related reports
Release Orders
  > Mark individual orders or groups of orders for picking by portable RF data terminals


Fill more customer orders in less time

The ORDER Manager module provides a powerful tool for organizing and preprocessing customer orders to make fulfillment a faster, more accurate process. With ORDER Manager, it's easy to classify orders into batches or waves, assign orders to outbound shipments or routes, allocate inventory to the orders, and create paper or electronic pick tickets.

ORDER Manager enables picking supervisors to review incoming orders and manage the pick queue and organize the picking process accordingly. Pickers can be directed to specific drop points closest to specific dock doors. By helping your associates get their jobs done in fewer steps with minimal backtracking, ORDER Manager will boost the productivity of your order fulfillment processes, saving you time and money.

Optimize order processing with LOCATE-IT PLUS® ORDER Manager

For detailed information about specific LOCATE-IT PLUS® features and functionality, visit our ORDER Manager Features Page