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Key Functions
Production Order Management
 > Associate picked items, materials, and final SKUs with lot numbers and/or customer orders within a production run
Production Picking Management
  > Organize picking and inventory for maximum efficiency
Production Receiving Management
  > Moves items into finished goods inventory for storage or directs ‘Make to Order’ items to the shipping dock to fill a customer request
Lot Tracking
  > Provides an audit trail for data mining and complete visibility into production processing


Control the conversion of inventory into finished goods

If your warehouse assembles items into finished goods, the PRODUCTION Manager module will help you operate more efficiently. It enables you to manage the workflow of raw materials into a production area and the receipt of finished goods. "Make to order" SKUs can be produced and shipped in less time.

PRODUCTION Manager tracks the materials into a production or value add area so that they integrate smoothly with other warehouse activities. This enables you to query your inventory in real time and track items in work-in-process. For example, if a full pallet has been moved to PRODUCTION, but only some of it is required there, LOCATE-IT PLUS® can direct picking for other orders to that location and pick the unallocated portion. PRODUCTION will receive the proper priority while other inventory management and order fulfillment continues uninterrupted.

Get a smoother-running process, from start
to finished goods, with LOCATE-IT PLUS® PRODUCTION Manager

For detailed information about specific LOCATE-IT PLUS® features and functionality, visit our PRODUCTION Manager Features Page